About Ayurpedia

All the remedies and videos you are watching on this site or in my YouTube channel have been presented by Maharshi Dr. Elchuri Garu. He is a famous personality in AP promoting Ayurveda. I too have tried few for myself and they worked wonderfully. I have been recommending these remedies to my friends and relatives for a longtime and they are happy with the results they got.  Unfortunately, these valuable videos are available in Telugu language. I have been getting quite a number of requests to translate them into English on my YouTube channel. So, whenever I get free time, I will be translating those videos into  English. I will list all the herbals in their scientific name too. If you find any errors in my translating or mentioned a herb name wrong, let me know to I will rectify it.

If you found a remedy worked for you, do post your experience right below the article in the comments form to share your happiness with us.

Please note that I am not a medical practitioner to advice you any remedy for your illness. I just read or listen to the Maharshi‘s remedies and translate them into English and post here to keep a record of the remedies for easy searching. If you need consultation with Maharshi Elchuri, call the phone numbers mentioned on this page to get an appointment.