Ayurvedic Remedies For Excess Pain During Menstrual Period

This remedy will help in reducing the excess pain experienced during the menstrual period. Do this for three days during the menstruation. Do it for three months and you will notice that from 4th month onwards, you are free of menstrual pain.


  • Dried Ginger / Sonth (सोंठ) / Shonti (శొంఠీ) [Buy Online at Amazon India / US / Canada / UK] – 5 g
  • False Black Pepper, White-flowered Embelia / Embelia ribes / Vidanga (विडंग) / Vayu vidang (वायु विडंग) / Vayu Vidangalu (వాయువిడంగాలు), Vayu Lavangalu (వాయులవంగాలు) [Buy Online at Amazon India / US / Canada / UK] – 5 g
  • Old Jaggery / Gud (गुड़) / Bellam (బెల్లం) [Buy Online at Amazon India / US / Canada / UK] – 20 g

Crush dried ginger and false black pepper and boil them in a glass of water until it becomes a cup. Filter it and let it cool. When it becomes lukewarm, add jaggery.

Drink it early in the morning on empty stomach.

Also, perform yogasnas shown in the video from 02:35 minutes.

Watch the below video for instructions in Telugu:

Download the video for offline watching: HERE

Image: © Ohmega1982/FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

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