Ayurvedic Remedies for Knee Pains

Irregular food habits, eating hard-to-digest food, and heavy weight (obesity) are the main culprits in getting knee pains. You need to find the root cause of the knee pain and rectify it rather than taking medicine and applying oils. So, if you are obese, get rid of it by following the weight loss remedies explained earlier. If you have unhealthy eating habits, follow a healthy eating plan. Then, follow this remedy to completely cure your knee pain. Following is an herbal oil preparation named “Ayurveda Prajarakshana Thailam.”


  • Tamarind tree leaves
  • Five-leaved chaste tree / Vitex negundo / Sindhuvara (सिन्धुवार) / Nirgundi (निर्गुंडी) / Vavili, Vayili (వావిలి, వాయిలి) leaves
  • Indian Beech Tree / Pongamia pinnata / Karanjaka (करंजक) / Kanuga (కానుగ) / Karanja (करंज) leaves
  • Datura metel, Devil’s Trumphet / Dhatturah (धत्तुरह / Dhatūra (धतूरा) / Ummettha (ఉమ్మెత్త) leaves
  • Crown flower, Gigantic swallow wort / Calotropis gigantea / अर्क (Arka) / मदार (Madar) / జిల్లేడు (Jilledu) leaves
  • Coffee senna, Negro coffee / Cassia occidentalis / Kasoundee (कसौंदी) / Kaasaari, Kasamardha (कासारी, कसमर्दा) / Kasivinda, Chennangi (కసివింద, చెన్నంగి) leaves
  • Sesame oil/ Til ka Thel (तिल का तेल) / Nuvvula Noone (నువ్వుల నూనె) [Buy Online at Amazon India / US / Canada / UK]

Collect all the above leaves and take equal weighing sesame oil. Cut all the leaves into small pieces and add them to the oil. Heat the oil in a low flame until the leaves become black. Medicinal properties of the leaves will be extracted into the oil. Then leave it to cool and filter it to collect the oil. Weigh the oil and add equal weight of camphor. Stir it well and store it in a glass jar.

Apply the oil from thigh to foot. Massage gently with thumb on the kneecap and around it. Check the video for complete massage demonstration. Boil all the above leaves in water and apply the steam to the massaged areas (check video for demonstration). Soak a cotton cloth in that and foment the oil-applied areas (check video for demonstration).

Also, perform below-mentioned simple exercises. Sit on a chair and do each activity 10 times. Watch video for demonstration.

  • Straighten the affected leg and retract
  • Move it to left and right
  • Rotate it clockwise and anticlockwise
  • Straighten and retract the foot.
  • Move foot to the left and right.
  • Rotate the foot clockwise and anticlockwise.
  • Close all the fingers on the leg and release.

Perform Uttana Padasana

Avoid cold food, cold drinks, cold water, cold weather, and cold air. Take warm food. Avoid new/fresh rice, tamarind, jaggery, etc. and take few months’ old. Avoid meat, fish, eggs, etc.

Take first meal before 9 or 10 a.m. and the second and last one before 8 p.m. Make sure that your meals contain easily digestible food. Take light food or fruits in the afternoon.

Take tender moringa leaves curry, which helps relieve pains. Avoid curd and take buttermilk instead.

Perform Vayu Mudra before each meal. Also, perform Mukula Mudra. If you are experiencing crackling sounds in the knees, perform Pruthvi Mudra. If you are experiencing burning sensation in the knees, perform Varuna Mudra. If you have obesity and knee pains are a result of that, perform Sthoulya Samhara Mudra

Watch the below video for instructions in Telugu:

Image: © scottchan/FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

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    1. Please consult a nearby physician or orthopedic consultant to know the exact reason. Then, you can decide whether to go with Ayurvedic or allopathic treatment.

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