Ayurvedic Remedies for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Maharchi says that acute rheumatism is flared by eating at irregular times and eating foods that are indigestible.  As this does not digest well and get out easily, it gets rotted, fermented, and decomposed and formed into a poisonous material called “amamu.”  It then travels through the veins and settles in joints causing arthritis.  It stiffens the joints, inflames, and causes severe pain and burning sensation.


  • Castor / Ricinus communis / Arandi (अरंडी) / Aamudam (ఆముదం) plant roots – 1 kg
  • Castor / Ricinus communis / Arandi (अरंडी) / Aamudam (ఆముదం) oil [Buy Online at Amazon India / US / Canada / UK] – 1 kg

Clean the roots, crush them, and boil them in 4 kg of water on low flame until it reduces to 1 kg of extract. Filter it and add 1 kg of castor oil to it. Put it on low flame and boil it until the extract is evaporated and only the oil remains. Let it cool, filter it, and save in a glass bottle.

Take the required quantity of oil in a bowel and heat it to lukewarm. Apply this oil to the inflamed joints.

Also, while making curry use castor oil and cow ghee for tempering (half each).

Perform Vayu Mudra:

Watch the below video for instructions in Telugu:

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