Ayurvedic Remedies for Severe Blood Loss Anemia

Maharshi says life is in control  of blood. If the blood is lost or its production has come down, it may prove fatal. Maharshi named the following remedy as “Prana Datha” means “which gives life.”  This remedy will help in blood production as well as strengthen the liver, spleen, heart, and kidneys.


  • Prickly chaff flower, Devil’s horsewhip / Achyranthes aspera / Apamarga (अपामार्ग) / Chirchira (चिरचिरा) / Uttareni (ఉత్తరేణి) roots paste  – 5 g
  • Buttermilk – Half glass

Paste the roots of prickly chaff flower and mix it with half a glass of buttermilk.

Take this twice a day, early in the morning on an empty stomach and one before dinner.

Also, perform Shakti mudra thrice daily (watch video at 05:20).

Watch the below video for instructions in Telugu:

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