Ayurvedic Remedies for Tonsils & Lumps in Throat

Tonsils that are part of the body’s immune system lying in the throat and palate, stop germs entering the body. Viruses and bacteria can affect these lymph nodes and cause infection. Inflamed tonsils develop pus formation and lumps around the throat causing restriction of head movement. This can be easily cured with a single plant that can be found everywhere.


  • Prickly chaff flower, Devil’s horsewhip / Achyranthes aspera / Apamarga (अपामार्ग) / Chirchira (चिरचिरा) / Utthareni (ఉత్తరేణి) roots

Grind the roots of this plant and apply this paste to the throat. Also, boil around 20 g of these roots crushed in water until a cup of it remains. Filter this, let it cool and drink. You can add candy sugar or honey to taste.

Watch the below video for instructions in Telugu:

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