Ayurvedic Remedy for Back Pain – Krishnamohini Ointment – Remedy 3

Back pain has become a common problem of all ages. Several pain relievers are in the market, but their efficacy only lasts few hours and the back pain comes back.  This herbal ointment preparation can relive the back pain very easily without any side effects and the relief will be permanent. This is another remedy in a series of remedies for back pain.  Read the previous ones at here and here.


  • Black datura metel, Devil’s Trumphet / Dhatturah (धत्तुरह / Dhatūra (धतूरा) / Ummettha (ఉమ్మెత్త) seeds
  • Coconut oil

Take required quantity of the datura metel seeds, add coconut oil, and make a paste.

Apply this to the back directly or apply it to a cotton cloth and stick it to the back. Medicinal properties of datura metel seeds will go through the skin and relieve the pain.

Watch the below video for instructions in Telugu:

Image: © David Castillo Dominici/FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

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  1. Hello sir.. hope you are doing good… im suffering from L5 S1 disc bulge…will this krishnamohini paste helps me to get rid of that disc bulge??

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