Brain Disorders

Ayurvedic Remedy for Brain Disorders

Brain is the controlling center of all our organs. The food we eat, water we drink, and the air that we inhale all are polluted and all these pollutants over the time cause vatha, pittha, dosha imbalance and this is causing tumors and disorders of the brain.

Following is a proven remedy to improve the patient’s health miraculously after a tumor has been removed from his brain.

  • He took 2 Indian Pennywort / Centella asiatica / बल्लारि (Ballari) / సరస్వతీ (Saraswati) leaves three times a day (add honey if you are not able to chew raw).
  • Made curry of Spreading Hogweed / Boerhavia diffusa / पुनर्नवा (Punarnava) / తెల్ల గలిజేరు (Tella Galijeru) (plant with white flowers) and ate it with rice for three months

Also, powder the below ingredients and store it in a glass bottle.


  • Coriander seeds (Organic) / Dhaniya (धनिया) / Dhaniyalu (ధనియాలు) [Buy Online at Amazon India / US / Canada / UK] – 50 g
  • Yellow Myrobalan or Chebulic Myrobalan / Terminalia chebula / Haritaki (हरीतकी) / Harad (हरद) / Karakkaya (కరక్కాయ) [Buy Online at Amazon India / US / Canada / UK] powder – 20 g
  • Candy sugar / Mishri (मिश्री) / Nagubothu (నగుబోతు) [Buy Online at Amazon India / US / Canada / UK] – 70 g

Morning and evening, chew half spoon (for adults) / quarter spoon (for children) of this powder and drink a glass of water.  This powder will enhance the memory power and also help improve brain disorders.

Acupressure: Press right and left thumb from bottom to top and top to bottom for 60 times each. This will rejuvenate the brain.

Watch the below video for instructions in Telugu:

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