Ayurvedic Remedy for Eye Burning, Watering, and Pain

Due to the excessive heat in the body, unknowingly taking the foods that produce excessive heat, or having born with the nature of excessive body heat, people may suffer from burning sensation in the eyes, pains, watery eyes, and also exhalation of hot air from the nose. There is a simple remedy with onion juice to combat this problem. This remedy will also be effective in night blindness (nyctalopia).


  • Onion

Crush a piece of onion, squeeze it through a cloth, and collect the juice.

Put this juice as drops in eyes (one or two drops). You will experience lancinating sensation first, but thereafter you will feel a cool sensation.

Remedy 2: Soak cotton cloth in milk and apply as a pack on the eyelids and rest.

Remedy 3: Grind the leaves marigold (tagetes) and apply as a pack on the eyelids.

Perform Varuna Mudara:

Watch the below video for instructions in Telugu:

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  1. Very grateful to you for valuable service.medicine preparation process may be a little difficult to follow sometimes.are these prescriptions readily available ?If so please refer the genuine manufacturers.

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