Ayurvedic Remedy for Fits / Seizures

A seizure, also known as a fit, is caused by a disturbance in the electrical activity of the brain, which can be due to conditions such as epilepsy. Following is a simple remedy that control the fits. All ingredients are readily available in your kitchen itself. Use it long term for effective control.


  • Dried ginger powder – 100 g
  • Cumin seeds powder – 100 g

Slightly heat the above ingredients on a low flame and powder them. Store this in a glass bottle.

Mix half spoon of this power with 5 spoons of lemon juice and take it twice a day, early in the morning on an empty stomach and before going to bed.

Also, make paste of garlic and black sesame seeds in equal quantity. Make pills out of this mix in the size of soapnut seeds and dry them in shade.  Take this pills twice a day.

In the early morning , boil a glass of water mixed with a spoon of Triphala until a cup of dicaction remains. Filter it and let it cool to lukewarm. Add 10 g of old jaggery and 10 g of ginger juice to it and drink. In the night, take a mix of half spoon of triphala, half spoon of licorice ( Liquorice / Glycyrrhiza glabra / Mulethi (मुलेठी) / Yashtimadhu (Sanskrit) / Athimadhuram (అతిమధురము)) and a spoon of honey.

Learn and perform Sarvangasana or Matsyasana daily:

Maharshi says that when a person is under seizure, crush 5-10 Tulsi (Holy Basil) leaves and collect the juice, add a pinch of rock salt to it, and pour 3 drops in each nostril. This will stop the seizure activity and the patient will be relieved of it.

Watch the below video for instructions in Telugu:

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