Ayurvedic Remedy for Heel Pain – Remedy 1

Due to the sedentary lifestyle and obesity, the weight has been increasing on hips and heels. Because of this overweight, blood circulation is affected in heels thus causing severe pain in heels. Affected person will not be able to put the heel on the floor as soon as he/she rises from bed. They will experience severe pain and have to move the legs to ease the pain and then only able to walk normally. It is called “madima shula” in Telugu. Following is a simple and proven remedy to treat it. It worked well for even people suffering from it for years.


  • Crown flower, Gigantic swallow wort / Calotropis gigantea / Arka (अर्क) / Madar (मदार) / Jilledu (జిల్లేడు) Leaves


Heat a brick on stove and put three to four leaves on it. On top of those leaves, put your heel for 5-7 minutes.

By doing so, the heat will cause the medicinal properties of leaves to be applied to the heel through vaporization.

Also, mix aloe vera juice and turmeric and apply to the heel. Mix buffalo dung and turmeric, heat the mix, and apply it to the heel.

Watch the below video for instructions in Telugu:

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