Ayurvedic Remedy for Sweating in the Palms

This is a permanent remedy for treating the excessive sweating problem in palms and soles. This is a proven and simple remedy.


  • Indian rose chestnut, Ceylon ironwood / Mesua ferrea / Nāgakesara (नाग केसर); Nāgapushpa (नाग पुष्प) / Nāg champa (नाग चम्पा), Nāgakesar (नाग केसर) / Nagakesaralu (నాగకేసరాలు) [Buy Online at Amazon India / US / UK]
  • Vetiver, Cuscus grass / Chrysopogon zizanioides / Usheera (उशीरा) / Khas (खस) / Vattivellu (వట్టివేళ్ళు) [Buy Online at Amazon India / US / UK]
  • Lebbeck Tree, Flea Tree, Frywood / Albizza lebbeck / Shirish (शिरीष) / Shirish (शिरीष) / Dhirisena (దిరిసెన) bark
  • Black sesame seeds / Kala Til ka Thel (काला तिल) / Nalla Nuvvulu (నువ్వులు) [Buy Online at Amazon India / US / Canada / UK]
  • Indian bay leaf / Cinnamomum tamala / Tamalpatra (तमालपत्र) / Tejpatta (तेजपत्ता) / Akupatri (ఆకుపత్రి, బిర్యానీ ఆకు) [Buy Online at Amazon India / US / UK]
  • Raw Camphor / Kapoor (कपूर) / Karpuram (కర్పూరo) [Buy Online at Amazon India / US / Canada / UK] crystals

Take equal quantities of the above ingredients, soak in water, and make a paste.

Apply it to the affected areas (palms and/or soles), leave it for an hour, and clean it out with water.

Also, soak horse gram [Buy Online at Amazon India / US / Canada / UK] in water overnight, boil them, and make paste. Rub this lukewarm paste on palms, soles, whole hand and feet for 5-10 minutes. Fry the carom or thymol seeds lightly and make powder. Mix the powder with sesame oil [Buy Online at Amazon India / US / Canada / UK] and soak overnight. Take this first thing in the morning. Dosage is 1/4 spoon for children, 1/2 for teens, and 1 spoon for adults.

Watch the below video for instructions in Telugu:

Image: © Northern Sydney Vascular

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34 thoughts on “Ayurvedic Remedy for Sweating in the Palms


    1. Yes…she is adding one more ingredient too. Thanks for pointing it. Edited it accordingly.

    2. There was a mistake in video of Dr.Elchuri…it should be applied externally not orally ..For effectiveness apply this for an hour on palms and soles and clean it. Follow the ingredients for exact answer

  2. Hi, I have taken the old medicine 3 Gm’s orally (That was described before editing) daily for one month but no improvement. And now in the update you have added some more herbs, And instead of taking orally you have to apply. Does this medicine really works… And if the new one works, can you please tell me from where i can order all the herbs online. As i am unable to find it in bangalore and also searched online.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Shivesh Kumar

  3. Thanks for the reply,

    But you didn’t answered whether we have to apply the medicine should take orally.

  4. it was said to take carom seed powder and sesame oil first thing in the morning.. for how many days it should be taken.. can this be followed even in summer because sesame oil causes heat in the body..

  5. Try eating 5-6 shisham leaves empty stomach for fifteen days…things will improve…personally tested..

  6. Has anyone tried the above said remedy and does it really words as it says permanent solution, I will surely appreciate an answer

  7. I want to know which cures my problem in short time…. Applying externally or eating that medicine….. If so in how many days it works….

  8. Is the above medicine worked for anyone, i am suffering a lot from hyperhydrosis of palms and soles , please let me know

    1. It’s controversial,, n dat lady says complete treatment in 5days,,if it was true,, all d sufferers would have been in his clinic,, lolll

  9. Im suffering from hyperhidrisis palm n sole swetting ‘ if anyone can help me then pls contact me ….. if u have any tip how to control this disease then pls let me know ~ Sahil

  10. Hi i am suffering from excessive sweating in hands and feet throughout the day with no reason pls let me know if you have any remedies i am 26 now.

  11. U can get all these ingredients from Any Famous Pooja Samagri, Country drugs Shop where they usually sell these type.. i have bought them from B.R. Aralappa Chetty & Sons..#9 Avenue road, KR Market in banglore..before going there.. take a screen shot of the details from Google.. Dr.Elchuri ayurvedic prescription details from google or follow this link..
    Usage: 1.Mix these herbs 50gms each into water soak for a night 2.Make them a paste by grinding
    3.Apply externally to palms & soles
    4.Clean with water after 30 mins
    5.Repeat it for a week
    6. Try this method once in 3 months
    Avoid: 1. Taking hot baths..
    2.Avoid caffine..take green tea.. avoid coke pepsi. insted sprite/7up..
    3.Stay away from Spicy Food
    4.Take fruit juices daily/vegitables often
    5. Jog/exercise daily
    6.Start meditation to cool your body for first 3 months
    Post your results thereafter
    Thanks & Regards….
    Harsha Vardan Reddy..
    Former Hyperhydrosis Patient

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