Ayurvedic Remedy for Treatment of Corns – Remedy 2

This is the second in a series of remedies to cure corns. First one can be found here. These corns will cause severe pain while walking and make changes in gait. The size of corn varies from a small projection to a sizable area affected with it. Ayurveda has remedies that can cure these corns permanently.


  • Castor / Ricinus communis / Arandi (अरंडी) / Aamudam (ఆముదం) oil [Buy Online at Amazon India / US / UK] – 1/4th spoon
  • Crown flower, Gigantic swallow wort / Calotropis gigantea / अर्क (Arka) / मदार (Madar) / జిల్లేడు (Jilledu) milk – 10 drops

Mix oil and the milk collected from crown flower plant well.

Apply this paste to the corns before going to bed. This will remove the corns and prevents from recurring.

Also, apply sesame, castor, or coconut oil or ghee to the sole of foot and massage. This will improve the blood flow to the soles.

Watch the below video for instructions in Telugu:

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