Breast Improvement Exercises

Maharshi Elchuri describes the following exercises to increase the blood flow to the chest region to help increase the fat there, which will improve the chest size. Though there are increasing number of cosmetic products in the market that claim to increase the breast size, be warned that they are not going to work. There is a natural way to achieve a good structure of breasts without any side effects. Below are the few asanas that will surely help in increasing the size.

Below asanas will help increase the blood flow in the chest region thus helping to improve the fat accumulation in the chest.

Exercise 1

Stand like below and extend your arms.

Breathing air in, extend your arms, right hand to the right side and left hand to the left side. See the below picture.

Then, slowly exhaling, bring the arms into the first position. Do this only 5 times. Then do the below exercise.

Exercise 2
Stretch your hands and keep like this.

Breathing the air in, slowly raise your hands above your head like below.

Now exhaling, bring the arms to the first position. Do this for 5 times and continue to the next exercise.

Exercise 3

Rotate your hands like the below 5 times. While raising the hands, take the breath in and while dropping the hands, breathe out. Do this slowly for 5 times. Repeat the action in reverse direction for another 5 times (watch in video).

Exercise 4

Do Bhujangasana for 5 times – Watch it here:

Exercise 5

Do Ustrasana for 5 times – Watch it here:

Watch Maharshi Elchuri describing these in Telugu

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24 thoughts on “Breast Improvement Exercises

  1. i am 37 breast size small.i tried many medicines.some creams i applyied at that time only size slightly increased.if i stop cream size comes to i worried.if i follow your remedies may i get desire size?
    any other side effect?
    where i get the rawmaterials
    please tell me

    1. I think they don’t have stores other than AP. Check with your local herbal stores. Surely, they will have all these items. Find what they are called in Tamil. If you’re not, let me know through contact form and I will find someone in Hyderabad to collect them for you and courier it, but ready to pay convenience charge and shipping charges for the guys.

    1. It seems that they don’t have stores other than AP. This remedy is for breast improvement and not for the problem you discussed. I am currently translating all these remedies from Telugu to English. Please subscribe to the feed and you may find the solution for your problem at a later date.

    1. There is a remedy. I will check and let you know or post on this website. Register for the feed of Ayurpedia, to keep yourself up-to-date with the remedies.

  2. i am 26 years old my breast was small and it become so loose.can I increase my breast size with good shape.

  3. sir I am 26 years breast size is small and it become very is looking very bad.can I increase my breast size with good shape.plz suggest me.

  4. Sir
    I am padma aged 40 and had sagging breast. I know my age is one factor and am married and mother of two kids. But by profession I’m a model so need stiff and puffy breast. Kindly suggest me somebhome remidies

  5. నా పేరు నాగ .నా వయసు 28 నాకు రొమ్ములు చాలా బాదగా ఉన్నాయి .ఎన్ని మందులు వాడినా తగ్గడం లేదు దయచేసి పరిష్కారం తెలుపగలరు.

    1. మీరు వీలైనంత త్వరగా గైనెకాలోజిస్ట్ ను కలవండి. స్కానింగ్ ద్వారా దాని కారణాన్ని కనుక్కొని సరియైన చికిత్సని వారు తెలుపుతారు.

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