Chandramukhi Paste for Facial Glow and Bright Skin

This is a herbal face pack preparation. Regular application of this Chandramukhi Paste will cure pimples, scars, and melasma and gives you bright and glowing skin.

  • Chickpeas / Chana (चना) / Shanagalu (శనగలు) [Buy Online at Amazon India / US / Canada / UK] powder – 100 g
  • Wild Turmeric / Curcuma aromatica / Jangli Haldi (जंगली हल्दी) / Kasthuri Pasupu (కస్తూరి పసుపు) powder – 10-20 g [Buy Online at Amazon India / US / Canada / UK]

Take chickpeas into a fry pan and slightly roast them. Add 4-5 drops of ghee to the corners of pan, so that chickpeas are not burnt. Let them cool and make powder using a mixer. Then, add 10-20 g of wild turmeric powder to it and mix them well. If you are unable to find it, you can use the normal turmeric powder.

Take required quantity of the above powder, add some milk, and make paste. Apply this paste in the evening as a face pack. When it starts to dry, clean it off with cool water.

Watch Maharshi Elchuri describing it in Telugu

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6 thoughts on “Chandramukhi Paste for Facial Glow and Bright Skin

  1. ihave oil face and full pores on face .turmeric damages my skin.what should i do .please suggest age is 28.

  2. Hello guruvugaru i have black heads on my face and i have open pores on my face and also iam getting oily skin and pore skin and iam getting dry face what should i do how should i get cute face without pores and blackheads and pore skin please suggest me guruvugaru.

  3. My kids skin is very sensitive. They are allergic to Turmeric, senaga pindi/ besan flour . When I use turmeric, besan on their skin they get rash. So please provide tips for pimples and get rid off pimple scars or marks. Their skin type is oily.
    Thanks for your help and suggestions.

  4. By using Turmeric powder hair is not growing on the face what to do guruv garu my age is 18

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