Food Remedies and Yogic Management for Intestinal Worms

Children and few adults are also suffering from intestinal worms. When the food does not get digested easily and remains in the stomach for few days, the worms will born from the undigested food. Affected children will not gain weight, face will become pale, and white patches appear on face.  They also suffer from teeth grinding in the night. Following are food remedy and yogic management for intestinal worms, which will effectively relieve this issue.


  • Pomegranate bark – 50 g

Clean the bark and crush it. Add it to a liter of water and boil it until quarter of the solution remains. Filter it, let it cool, and store it in a bottle.

Early in the morning, drink 70 g of this dicaction on an empty stomach. After that, drink 20 g of dicaction every hour till the evening. Take rice congee througout the day. This will kill the worms and they will be excreted in feces.

Also, perform:

  • Kapalabhati – Exhaling the air out from abdomen forcefully – Watch:
  • Udara chalana – Inhale and exhale speedily, which contracts and expands the stomach.
  • Mayurasana – Balancing the body on the arms – Watch:

Watch the below video for instructions in Telugu:

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