Food Remedy for Liver Disorders

Maharshi says that liver helps the body to recover fast from any type of disease. If it loses its strength, even a small disease can have a great impact on the body. Following is a simple food remedy to strengthen the liver and cure its diseases.


  • Chickpeas / Chana (चना) / Shanagalu (శనగలు) [Buy Online at Amazon India / US / Canada / UK] – 50 g
  • Rock salt / Sendha Namak (सेंधा नमक) / Saindhava Lavanamu (సైంధవలవణం)[Buy Online at Amazon India / US / Canada / UK] – To taste

Collect the leaves, shells, and barks and make powder and store them in a glass bottle.

Boil the chickpeas, add rock salt to taste, and eat in the morning on an empty stomach. Do not eat anything for an hour. Do this for 15 days. From 16th day to 30th day, eat pan-fried chickpeas with rock salt.

Also, straighten your hand and press and release at the bottom of the little finger (watch the video). Do this for at least 2 minutes before meals.

Avoid chilli powder in food.

Watch the below video for instructions in Telugu:

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