Food Remedy for Urinary Disorders caused due to Pitta Dosha

Maharshi says increased pitta dosha can cause urinary dribbling and increased urination due to incomplete emptying of bladder. It’s called “pittaja muthrakrucchram” in Telugu. Happens mostly during summer.

It’s caused due to excessiveness in doing things, for e.g., heavy exercise not keeping in mind their body limitations. Heavy exercise / asanas for prolonged hours with excessive sweating leads to increase pitta dosha. Even, excessive walking till complete exertion is not good. Very hot and spicy foods that increase ushna in body should be avoided. These increased ushna in body shows the signs of burning sensation in eyes, blood in urine and stools, and bleeding through oral cavities.

Indications of “pittaja muthrakrucchram” are red eyes and pale face. Painful urination with burning and pins and needles sensation. Urine is dark yellow to sometimes red colored.

  • Drink sugarcane juice or black grape juice.
  • Drink 100 g boiled and lukewarm milk with 50 g of sugar.
  • Drink gooseberry juice (taken from either raw or dried gooseberries, or decoction made of glass of water mixed with two teaspoons of gooseberry powder and boiled till 3rd of it remains) with one teaspoon honey. Take this three times a day.


  • Indian gooseberry / Phyllanthus emblica / Amalika (अमलिक) / Amla (आम्ला) / Usirikaya (ఉసిరికాయ) [Buy Online at Amazon India / US / Canada / UK]
  • Honey / Shahad (शहद) / Thene (తేనె) [Buy Online at Amazon India / US / Canada / UK]

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