Following are the collection of Mudras used in various remedies explained in Ayurpedia. Click on the full screen button to watch full screen.

Mudras - IntroductionAditi MudraAkasha MudraApana MudraApana Vayu MudraDharana Shakti MudraDhyana MudraGnyana MudraJala Surabhi MudraJalodar Nashak MudraKidney MudraKundalini MudraLing MudraMerudanda MudraMushti MudraNamaste MudraNamaste & Ashirwad MudraPankaj MudraPrana MudraPrithvi MudraPrithvi Surabhi MudraSahaja Shankha MudraSamana MudraSandhi MudraShankha MudraShoonya MudraShoonya Surabhi MudraShoonya Vayu MudraSurabhi MudraSurya MudraUdana MudraVaruna MudraVayu MudraVayu Surabhi MudraVyana MudraYoni Mudra 1Yoni Mudra 2