Preventive Measures for Diabetes

Diabetes is a metabolic disease where insulin is not produced enough by pancreas or cells not responding well to the produced insulin. As it runs in the families, you might be at risk of getting diabetes if one of you parents have it. So,  as a preventive measure, follow the below remedy to keep it at bay. Exercise routinely, avoid non-veg, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


  • Guduchi / Tinospora cordifolia / Amritavalli (अमृतवल्ली) / Geloy (गिलोय) / Thippa theega (తిప్ప తీగ) powder
  • Yellow Myrobalan or Chebulic Myrobalan / Terminalia chebula / Haritaki (हरीतकी) / Harad (हरद) / Karakkaya (కరక్కాయ) powder
  • Beleric or bastard myrobalan / Terminalia bellirica / Vibhitaka (विभितक) / Aksha (अक्ष) / Thanikaya (తానికాయ) powder
  •  Indian gooseberry / Phyllanthus emblica / Amalika (अमलिक) / Amla (आम्ला) / Usirikaya (ఉసిరికాయ) powder

Mix equal quantity of the above powders and store in a glass bottle.

Take half spoon of this mix 10 minutes before the dinner everyday. Increase the dose to a spoon for people who are obese. Take this mix with lukewarm water in winter and rainy seasons and with buttermilk in summer season.

Watch the below video for instructions in Telugu:

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