Yogasanas for Obesity / Weight Reduction

Maharshi Elchuri says that stomach and uterus should be clean to stay healthy and beautiful. If the menses are irregular or stopped, the belly will grow and the fat accumulates in buttock and hips.  Once you start noticing the growth, Maharshi tells to follow the Yogasanas described in the video. He also advices to follow the remedies along with it as described earlier in this post to get the periods regularly. Massage the whole body with lukewarm White Sesame Oil and Black Sesame Oil for hair before doing these asanas. You can take 2-3 minutes interval between each asana.

Watch the below video to learn the asanas:

This small exercise will help in reduction of fat.

Also Maharshi advices against using injections or tablets to get the regular periods. The effects of these are temporary and needs continuous usage of it, which have side effects. These medicines are resulting in fat too. Hence, we should follow natural ways and recommends the below.

  • Use old and stored grains.
  • For a cup of rice, add 14 cups of water.  While boiling, add a pinch of cumin seeds powder, pinch of coriander seeds powder, pinch of pepper powder, a small piece of ginger cut into very small pieces, two or three pinches of rock salt powder. You can also add small pieces of carrot, beetroot, and other vegetables. Boil it till it become like conjee.   Add coriander leaves, curry leaves, and mint leaves for a good smell. It will reduce the fat in the body.
  • You can also make sambar/soup of above without adding rice.
  • Boiled horse gram and soup of horsegram with tamarind are the best ones in reducing fat.
  • Take equal quantities of wheat, barley, sorghum, and finger millet. Soak them in water in the night and dry them in the morning. Fry them slightly and make flour of them.  Add cooking castor oil while making dough and do chapathi/roti/indian bread with this. Eat them with a vegetable curry that is made with less oil.

Boil 100 g of Sesame Oil and add 100 g of Prickly Chaff Flower/Devil’s Horsewhip/अपामार्ग leaves gradually. Leaves will turn black and the juice will be extracted into oil.  Then, filter the oil and store it.  Apply this to the fatty regions and it will magically reduce it.

Image: © Tony Alter

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