Yogic Management For Ear Disorders

These days, even younger people are suffering from hearing loss, holes in the ears, and pus collection. Following is the yogic management to prevent these disorders and help relieving the problem of pus in ears. Also read our previous article on Remedies for Deafness and Dumbness.

Boil the neem leaves and turmeric in water and when fumes are coming out, bring the vessel down. Turn your head and keep your ears over the fumes so as they go through your ears. Inhale the vapor through nostrils and mouth. Also, see that the vapor is applied to throat and mandibles. The medicinal effects of this solution will pass through the skin and remove the “kapha.” Soak a cloth in this hot solution and massage the areas around the ear, throat, beside the nose, etc.

After that,

  • Insert your pointing fingers into ears, fill your mouth with air and blow it out. Do this repetitiously for few times. This will cause movement in eardrum.
  • Open your mouth wide open and close it. Do this for few times.
  • Move your lower jaw left and right quickly and repetitiously for few times.
  • Clean the ears with ear buds.

Do the above twice a day.

Watch the below video for instructions in Telugu:

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4 thoughts on “Yogic Management For Ear Disorders

    1. It is better to consult the surgeon and examine the depth of the hole. It may cause deafness if not taken care of it early.

  1. Sir,
    To consider AUTISM child I can add Sweet flag and/or Jamun leave powder for Speech delay with “Manovikara Choorna”. Can I add it or any problem? Please reply me.

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